Key advantages

  • Low power/long battery life
  • Very high contrast
  • Vivid color
  • Small form factor
  • Wide temperature range
  • Many on-chip functionalities
  • Highest brightness color display demo’d
  • Fine pitch OLED process demo’d
  • Color 9.6 µm pitch in production
  • Refresh rate 30Hz to 240Hz
  • No smear
  • No illuminator, heater or drive chip
  • 9.3 µm to 15 µm pixel pitch
  • 0.47” to 1.06” display diagonal
  • Field tested for reliability and performance > 20 years
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eMagin Microdisplay and Headset Firsts

  • 0
  • 1
    Commercial full color SVGA+ Active Matrix OLED microdisplay
  • 1
    Headset (Z-800); Best of Innovations Award at CES
  • 0
    Full color SXGA OLED microdisplay
  • 2
    Full Color WUXGA OLED Microdisplay &
    High-brightness Monochrome SXGA120 Microdisplay (20K+ cd/m2)
  • 3
    Full HD+ 3D stereoscopic headset
  • 4
    High-brightness Color SXGA096 OLED Microdisplay (700+ cd/m2)
  • 0
    Increased product portfolio
  • 0
    4 Megapixel Immersive Headset
  • 5
    eMagin New Direct Patterning Technology (Ultra high-brightness 5,000+ cd/m2 on WUXGA)
  • 6
    Direct Patterning Technology demonstrated on 2Kx2K OLED Microdisplay
  • 7
    Direct Patterning Technology Enhancements (>7,500 cd/m2 brightness full color WUXGA)

4Kx4K Microdisplay
Demonstrated at SID Conference

Coming Soon
Full color directly patterned 4Kx4K demo


ULT Direct Patterning

Additional Microdisplay Life Tests NVESD

2K ULT Direct Patterning


Ultra-High Resolution AMOLED

Group 53

Microdisplay Life Tests NVESD



(Available – Q4 2020)
  • White OLED with RGB Color Filter
  • Single Unit Device (Non-Tandem)
  • Luminance
    • Nominal: ~1,500 cd/m2
    • Maximum: >2,500 cd/m2
  • Lifetime
    • ~3x longer than competition (at same brightness)
  • Applicable to all resolutions

eMagin’s  Current OLED Platforms

Screen Shot 2020 05 01 at 3.46.59 PM


iconmuleMagin’s Revolutionary New Direct Patterning (dPdTM) Technology

  • eMagin’s dPd technology uses Red, Green and Blue emitters that are super bright vs traditional displays that use a white OLED with a RGB color filter that robs 80% of the light
  • OLEDs made with dPd technology have potential to produce full color microdisplays with brightness of over 28,000 cd/m a level the competition can only reach with monochrome displays
  • Ongoing improvements in optics, lens and device architectures will put eMagin’s dPd technology further ahead of the field
  • Display made using dPd technology consumes less power and the color gamut is among the best in the industry


eMagin’s dPd technology renders colors true to the demanding color gamut required by the new Digital Cinema Initiatives DCI-P3 standards

eMagin Microdisplay Advantage      

White OLED Microdisplay
with Color Filter


Directly Patterned OLED
Microdisplay without Color Filter


eMagin Direct Patterning Techology (dPd™)



World’s first directly patterned full color OLED microdisplay with highest brightness and resolution