Group 62

  • Resolution: 1280x1024 pixels
  • Pixel pitch:  12 micron
  • Interface: 24 bit parallel



  •  DSC0633 Rev 2 CF XL2k
  •  DSC0651 SVGA150 Design Reference Kit2k
    MG XLT


The SXGA-120 active array is comprised of 1292 x 1036 square pixels with a 12-micron pitch and a 69% fill factor. An extra 12 columns and 12 rows (beyond the 1280 x 1024 main array) are provided to enable the active SXGA-120 display to be shifted by steps of 1 or 2 pixels in the X and Y directions for optical alignment purposes. 

Each full pixel is laid out as three 4 x 12 micron identical sub-pixels, which together form the 12-micron square pixel group.  The backplane design allows for individual control of each of the 3 subpixels. 

The SXGA-120 is well suited to use in Weapon and Night Vision Systems using an FPGA and a SXGA or 720P camera source. It shares compatibility with the VGA display allowing for a common drive platform. It is also suitable for use in HMD’s requiring a balance between display size and FOV having a large pixel size making wider FOV easier to accomplish.