Group 62

  • Resolution: 852 x 600 pixels
  • Pixel pitch: 15 micron
  • Interface: Analog VGA & RS-170



The SVGA+ Microdisplay series has a resolution of 852 x 3 x 600 pixels and was dubbed “SVGA+ “((Super Video Graphics Array plus) because they have 52 more display columns than a standard SVGA display). This design permits users to run either (1) standard SVGA (800 x 600 pixels) to interface to the analog output of many portable computers or (2) 852 x 480, using all the data available from a DVD player in a 16.9 wide screen entertainment format.

The SVGA+ can be made as full-color or monochrome microdisplay primarily for high-performance and large-view consumer OEM products such as games, video/data head-wearable displays, digital cameras, video cameras and other portable electronics applications. The display also has NTSC and Pal-CCIR monochrome video decoder suitable for low power night vision systems.

eMagin recommends the DSVGA display for new projects over the SVGA+ display. It provides better image quality, lower power and easier integration.