Group 62



  •  DSC0633 Rev 2 CF XL2k
    CF XL
  •  DSC0644 SVGA150 Monochrome White2k
    CF XLS
  •  DSC0646 SVGA150 Monochrome Green XLT2k
    MG XLT
  •  DSC0633 Rev 2 CF XL2k
    MW XL
  •  DSC0633 Rev 2 CF XL2k
  •  DSC0633 Rev 2 CF XL2k


eMagin Development Boards currently have long to very long lead-times due to the current semi-conductor shortages. For rapid solution capabilities for concept development and prototyping customers may contact the suppliers listed below.

The SXGA-096 OLED-XL active array is comprised of 1292 x 1036 square pixels with a 9.6-micron pitch and a 75% fill factor. An extra 12 columns and 12 rows (beyond the 1280 x 1024 main array) are provided to enable the active SXGA-096 display to be shifted by steps of 1 pixel in the X and Y directions for optical alignment purposes. 

Each full pixel is laid out as three 3.2 x 9.6 micron identical sub-pixels, which together form the 9.6-micron square RGB color group. Three primary color filter stripes are applied in alignment with the sub-pixels on a white-emissive OLED layer to form the color display.

The size of the SXGA-096 makes it an excellent upgrade candidate for systems using the SVGA+ and DSVGA where an upgrade in resolution is required and may allow use of existing optomechanical designs.