eMagin has a history of developing next generation OLED microdisplay technology to meet exacting customer requirements
  • Brightest OLED
    • Monogreen at 27,000 nits, replacing LCD
    • Full color: Achieved 7,500 nits in 2018 and targeting 10,000 nits (maximum brightness) by late 2020 and 28,000 nits in 2022 – enables OLED to deliver brightness needed for A/R and V/R platforms
  • Patented Direct Patterning (dPd)TM technology
  • Very high contrast without any background glow
  • Low power consumption enables longer battery life
  • Broad range of resolution (VGA to 2K)1
  • Field tested for reliability and performance
  • Rolling and global illumination – nausea-free operation
  • Movable smaller window size capability with ultra-low power consumption and very high frame rates
  • Auto gamma correction for individual primary colors – will provide correct color gamut across full gray scale
  • Compact form factor
  • Light-weight solution
  • Highly efficient displays with long lifetimes
eMagin Microdisplay Advantage

Smaller pixel pitch and higher fill factor provides sharper and crisper images


Phone Display

shown at
same scale 


eMagin OLED

OLED Microdisplays Provide Better Viewing Experience

Headsets need a high-resolution microdisplay with high fill factorto eliminate the “screen door” effect


Magnified Cell Phone Display
~600 ppi

eMagin Microdisplay
>2,500 ppi